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Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Banlist

These are the cards which are currently listed in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Banlist.

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Banned | Semi-Limited | Limited

Master Duel Banlist: 19th January 2022.


Amazoness ArcherBanned
Blaster, Dragon Ruler of InfernosBanned
Cannon SoldierBanned
Cannon Soldier MK-2Banned
Djinn Releaser of RitualsBanned
Eclipse WyvernBanned
Gandora-X the Dragon of DemolitionBanned
Grinder GolemBanned
Level EaterBanned
Magical ScientistBanned
Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying KingBanned
Phoenixian Cluster AmaryllisBanned
Redox, Dragon Ruler of BouldersBanned
The Tyrant NeptuneBanned
Tidal, Dragon Ruler of WaterfallsBanned
Wind-Up HunterBanned
Zoodiac RatpierBanned
Cyber JarBanned
Fiber JarBanned
Elder Entity NordenBanned
Red-Eyes Dark DragoonBanned
Guardragon AgarpainBanned
Guardragon ElpyBanned
Knightmare GoblinBanned
Knightmare MermaidBanned
Summon SorceressBanned
Topologic Gumblar DragonBanned
Majespecter Unicorn - KirinBanned
Performage PlushfireBanned
Performapal MonkeyboardBanned
Butterfly Dagger - ElmaBanned
Card of Safe ReturnBanned
Change of HeartBanned
Cold WaveBanned
Delinquent DuoBanned
Dimension FusionBanned
Divine Sword - Phoenix BladeBanned
Giant TrunadeBanned
Graceful CharityBanned
Heavy StormBanned
Last WillBanned
Mass DriverBanned
Mirage of NightmareBanned
Mystic MineBanned
Painful ChoiceBanned
Pot of GreedBanned
Premature BurialBanned
Set RotationBanned
Snatch StealBanned
Soul ChargeBanned
Spellbook of JudgmentBanned
The Forceful SentryBanned
Zoodiac BarrageBanned
Ancient Fairy DragonBanned
Tempest MagicianBanned
Ib the World Chalice JusticiarBanned
Toon Cannon SoldierBanned
Last TurnBanned
Life EqualizerBanned
Magical ExplosionBanned
Return from the Different DimensionBanned
Royal OppressionBanned
Self-Destruct ButtonBanned
Trap DustshootBanned
Ultimate OfferingBanned
Blackwing - Gofu the Vague ShadowBanned
Blackwing - Steam the CloakBanned
Fishborg BlasterBanned
Glow-Up BulbBanned
Mind MasterBanned
Lavalval ChainBanned
M-X-Saber InvokerBanned
Number 16: Shock MasterBanned
Number 95: Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter DragonBanned
Number S0: Utopic ZEXALBanned
Outer Entity AzathotBanned
Tellarknight PtolemaeusBanned
Zoodiac BroadbullBanned


Danger!? Jackalope?Semi-Limited
Destiny HERO - MaliciousSemi-Limited
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal DragonSemi-Limited
Souleating OviraptorSemi-Limited
Thunder DragonroarSemi-Limited
Harmonizing MagicianSemi-Limited
Called by the GraveSemi-Limited
Cursed EldlandSemi-Limited
Emergency TeleportSemi-Limited
Magical MeltdownSemi-Limited
Mask Change IISemi-Limited
Memories of HopeSemi-Limited
Sky Striker Mecha - Widow AnchorSemi-Limited
Sky Striker Mobilize - Engage!Semi-Limited
Super PolymerizationSemi-Limited
The Beginning of the EndSemi-Limited
PSY-Framegear GammaSemi-Limited


Altergeist MultifakerLimited
Armageddon KnightLimited
Dinowrestler PankratopsLimited
Exodia the Forbidden OneLimited
Girsu, the Orcust Mekk-KnightLimited
Orcust Harp HorrorLimited
Predaplant Ophrys ScorpioLimited
Salamangreat GazelleLimited
Speedroid TerrortopLimited
SPYRAL Quik-FixLimited
Tempest, Dragon Ruler of StormsLimited
Thunder DragonhawkLimited
Morphing JarLimited
Night AssailantLimited
ABC-Dragon BusterLimited
Blaze Fenix, the Burning Bombardment BirdLimited
Thunder Dragon ColossusLimited
Crystron HalqifibraxLimited
Galatea, the Orcust AutomatonLimited
Heavymetalfoes ElectrumiteLimited
Predaplant Verte AnacondaLimited
Saryuja Skull DreadLimited
Sky Striker Ace - KagariLimited
Left Arm of the Forbidden OneLimited
Left Leg of the Forbidden OneLimited
Right Arm of the Forbidden OneLimited
Right Leg of the Forbidden OneLimited
Astrograph SorcererLimited
Chronograph SorcererLimited
Double Iris MagicianLimited
Supreme King Dragon DarkwurmLimited
Luster Pendulum, the DracoslayerLimited
Brilliant FusionLimited
Card DestructionLimited
Divine Wind of Mist ValleyLimited
Dragonic DiagramLimited
Foolish BurialLimited
Gateway of the SixLimited
Gold SarcophagusLimited
Harpie's Feather DusterLimited
Infernity LauncherLimited
Monster RebornLimited
Nadir ServantLimited
One Day of PeaceLimited
One for OneLimited
Reinforcement of the ArmyLimited
Sky Striker Mecha - Hornet DronesLimited
Trickstar Light StageLimited
T.G. Hyper LibrarianLimited
Trishula, Dragon of the Ice BarrierLimited
Imperial OrderLimited
Red RebootLimited
Trickstar ReincarnationLimited
Vanity's EmptinessLimited
Genex Ally BirdmanLimited
Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky ThunderLimited
Toadally AwesomeLimited
True King of All CalamitiesLimited
Wind-Up Carrier ZenmaityLimited
Zoodiac DridentLimited