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YGOPRODeck Card Database Syntax Guide

Searching for Cards

Searching for Cards is done by using the top level main search bar or going to the   Advanced  search section of the site.

Typing a Card Name exactly as it is (e.g. Dark Magician) then it will bring you directly to that cards information page.

If you typed part of the name (e.g. Dark Magic) and hit the enter key then it will bring you to the   Advanced  search page and then search for what you typed.

The system also has an auto-complete feature which will help prompt you on the card you are currently searching for.

Full Card Name

Partial Card Name

Auto-Complete Feature

Alt. Artwork/Similar Cards

Our database stores multiple card artwork and will also suggest similar cards based on the currently viewed card.

Alternative artwork is only shown on the card information page and will not be shown on the   Advanced  search page.

The Similar Cards section is done programmatically using MySQL Full Text Search. It breaks down each word in the card name and then searches the database using each of those words. It then finds up to the top 8 best matched cards and displays them.

Dark Magician Alt. Artwork

Card Pricing

Our database calls on the APIs of multiple sites for prices. These site are: TCGPLayer, Cardmarket EU, Amazon, eBay and Yu-Gi-Oh! prices.

Prices are obtained via the following methods:

  • TCGPlayer: We get the average marketprice of every version/rarity of the card you searched and then get the single lowest average marketprice to show you.
  • Cardmarket EU: We get the TREND price for the card which is the price the card is currently trending at.
  • Amazon: We search for the card (adding the word "Yugioh" to the end of any search) and then get the Lowest New Price of the card.
  • eBay: We search for the card (adding the word "Yugioh" to the end of any search) and then get the current value price of the first listing. We exclude the following words (using the "-" operator) from searches: "proxy, mat, playmat, repack, repacks, sleeve, sleeves, poster, japan, japanese, center".

Card Prices for Cards

Card Sets

Our database calls on the API of Yugioh Prices to determine card sets and the value of them.

  • When the card information page is loaded, the API is immediately called to load the sets and prices.
  • The sets are loaded with the set code name to save on display area space. If you hover your mouse over the set code name, you will get the full set name and the rarity of the card.
  • The API gets the average price for the card in each set.

Card Sets and Set Prices

Staple Cards

Our database has a set amount of cards marked as "Staple" cards. We consider "Staple" cards to be cards that you could benefit from owning and that work in a wide variety of decks (but not necessarily every deck).

  • On our database   Advanced  search page you can change the dropdown for card type to "Staple" to view a list of staple cards.
  • On the card info page, you can see if a card is marked as staple thanks to the "Staple" indicator.

Cards marked as "Staple"