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Database Search Settings

These settings use HTML5 Local Storage in your web browser. If your web browser does not support HTML5 local storage then your preferences will not be saved.

Database Default Viewing Mode:

Database Default Number of Cards Per Page:

Database Default Price Outlet Preference:

Database Default Card Release Date Preference:

List View Example

Filter Compact Mode:

By default, the filter settings on the search page are compacted behind a button. Once a user hits this button, a pop-up modal shows all the filtering search settings.

This can be disabled should the user wish and the settings can be selected to always be shown on the search page.

Search Filters

Default Card Image:

By default, all card images are displayed as high resolution (but unofficial) card renders. The only exception to this is when a card is newly revealed and a high resolution render has yet to be created (falling back to a low resolution render).

Our card scans on the other hand can vary in quality, size and legibility. We will monitor our scans and continually update them to try achieve the highest scan quality possible.

We only store 1 card image for each card (along with alternative artwork). We do not store different types of card foiling/rarity images.

Some of these scans may possibly have a negative impact on our Night Mode due to slight white corners on some scans, we will do our best to reduce this as much as possible.

Render (left) vs Scan (right) of Time Wizard

Database Default Format Filter:

Filtered for GOAT Format

Big Picture (TV) Mode:

This currently only applies to the Advanced Search Page when Gallery mode is enabled.

TV Mode Example (Larger images + fonts on DB Search Page)

Accessibility Mode (beta):

On (left) vs Off (right) of Accessibility Mode

Night Mode (beta):

Night Mode Example