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Searching for Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

Current Bot Version: 5.

You can now use the following command to bring up a help menu: .help.

You can search for any Yu-Gi-Oh! Card that resides in our Card Database. We contain every Official TCG Card, announced OCG cards and Speed Duel cards.

To ask the bot to retrieve a card simply type: [dark magician]. You can use a maximum of 2 card names per message.

The bot uses a fuzzy search so it can detect spelling mistakes or short hand typing such as: [ash blossom].

The bot also links the card name right to our database information page for that card. So Dark Magician would link to his information page.

Getting Dark Magician Card Information

Searching for Deck Archives

A deck archive is a repository of decks under that given archive tag. For example, "Dark Magician" archives would be here.

To ask the bot to retrieve an archive simply type: .dark magician.

To retrieve a list of all currently available deck archives type: .archives.

Because there are quite a few archives, the bot will PM you a list of all the available archives.

Getting Dark Magician Deck Archive

Checking Card Prices

You can check card prices from the following vendors: TCGplayer, Cardmarket or CoolStuffInc.

To ask the bot to retrieve a price simply type: .price tcgplayer time wizard.

Getting Time Wizard TCGplayer Price

Alternative Languages

The bot supports querying in the following langues: French, German, Portuguese and Italian (along with the default of English).

The query language codes are: fr for French, de for German, pt for Portuguese and it for Italian. None are needed for English.

For example, to query Survival of the Fittest in French: [Survie du Plus Fort,fr]

Don't use any spaces after the comma for the language identifier.

French Query Example

Passing .ydk Deck File to our Deck Builder

You can immediately pass your .ydk deck file into our online deck builder by using the bot command.

To ask the bot to upload your deck to our deck builder simply type: .deck while attaching the .ydk file.

The bot uploads the ydk file to our online storage and passed the file into our deck builder.

Lastly, the bot returns the easy to access link to immediately edit/view your deck.

Uploading .ydk file to our Deck Builder