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Yu-Gi-Oh! Custom Pack Creator

Create a Custom Yu-Gi-Oh! Pack for use in our Pack Opening Simulator!

The custom pack creator always uses rarities of Common, Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare and Secret Rare. This is designed to reduce overall complexitiy in the calculations of the Custom Pack Simulator.

Pack Type

  • Small Pack: 3 cards per pack / 20 cards total
  • Regular Pack: 9 cards per pack / 100 cards total
  • Large Pack: 13 cards per pack / 200 cards total
  • Custom Pack Size: Can contain a minimum of 20 cards to a maximum of 400 cards. If total size is less than 31, it will use Small Pack mechanics in the Pack Opening. If larger than 31 and less than 101 then it will use Regular Pack mechanics otherwise it will use Large Pack mechanics.

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Pack Contents

Regular Pack - 0/100

Common Cards 0/48

Rare Cards 0/25

Super Rare Cards 0/15

Ultra Rare Cards 0/10

Secret Rare Cards 0/2

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